The Visa Rush Card
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The Baby Phat Rush Card, Visa Pink Diamond, Purple Diamond, Black Diamond, Visa Classic, KLS by Visa are the top prepaid debit cards offered by Visa. The benefits of a Visa Rush Card are many. Take a look below at the many advantages of having a Visa RushCard, and apply today! (Continue reading below…)

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Why Get a Visa Rush Card?

    100% Approval
    Even if you have bad credit or simply no credit history, no problem. You can always get approved for a Visa Rush Card and approval is usually instant or within a few days at the most.

    If you’re traveling or just don’t want to carry around cash, the Rushcard is just what you need. It’s simple to use and convenient and much safer than carrying cash. If it gets stolen, you can call the number on the back of the card to put a hold on the card just like a regular credit card.

    Monthly or Pay As You Go Plans
    Whether you’re in the mood to pay a monthly fee or just opt for a pay as you go plan, with the Visa RushCard, you can choose a to pay a fixed monthly fee, or just a fee per based on your transactions. The choice is yours.

    Better Than Traditional Banking
    The Visa Prepaid RushCard is a better way to bank. You’ll never be charged those costly overdraft fees because you can only spend what you have added onto your card.

    Rush Bill Pay
    You’ll be able to pay anyone and all your bills online with the convenience and guaranteed security of the Visa Rush Card.

    Direct Deposit
    You can get your paychecks up to 2 days earlier and your tax refund faster when you sign up for a Visa Rush Prepaid Card.

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