Would You Marry a Person with a Lot of Debt?

by Samantha Bennet on 2013/01/12

They say true love comes at the most unexpected instances and with the most unexpected people. If you are among those who keep on using their hearts and emotions when falling in love, you may turn a blind eye to a person’s background and current financial situation when deciding to fall in love and eventually marry.

Surely, you would not have any issue if you are planning to marry a very wealthy person. Admit it or not, you may be quite excited about the potential perks you would enjoy. But have you really considered the repercusions of marrying someone with a lot of debt?

Are you ready to share a life of financial uncertainties?

Anyone would agree that is never wise to marry a person who has debt troubles. No matter how much you love him/her, in the end, you may have to look at the possibilities of taking a share of all the debt. That person may not ask you to pay for the debts or get a share of the burden, but whether you like it or not, the situation would take a toll one way or another.

Preparations for a troubled married life
Dating a person with a lot of debt may already be nerve wracking enough. Have you managed to keep your patience intact after paying for all the bills you have incurred together while eating out? Have you run out of cash because that person had to ask you for money to pay even for his/her cab?

Keep in mind that usually, the manner in which a person behaves now, while you are dating, is the same way they will behave later, when you are married. Don’t be such a fool to think that this person will miraculously change overnight and start footing their half of the expenses or suddently get out of debt.

As you take all necessary preparations for the wedding, have you noticed that you are again shouldering all the expenses, even the minor ones? Expecting your fiancé/fiancée to spend nothing on any expenditure? He/She may be allocating his/her money repaying debts. Accept the fact that you may not expect any help from him/her on the financial department of the wedding preparations. Are you financially capable to shoulder all costs?

What to expect from marrying a person in bad debt
If you still want to go on, brace yourself for a married life that is full of financial uncertainties. So you may have decided to shoulder all costs at least for the time being.

What if he/she falls short of cash again to repay obligations? Get ready to be asked for assistance. It may be a dilemma because you will have to carefully decide whether to give financial help or not. If you decide to be generous, you may end up getting short of cash yourself especially when you are sticking to a budget.

If these are still not enough reasons to convince you out of getting married to a person with a lot of debt, try to look forward.

If you have endured so much on the first few weeks or months of the marriage, will you be willing to let it go on for many years? Once you start arguing and fighting over money matters, you can be almost certain you’ll be heading toward a troubled marriage. Think carefully before you throw caution to the wind and marry someone with financial debt.

Love may conquer all, but to owe no one and not be stressed out over debt is also a pretty good thing.

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