Why Get a Baby Phat Prepaid Credit Card?

by Samantha Bennet on 2013/04/19

The striking feature of the new Baby Phat Prepaid Credit Card is that it allows its cardholders to choose their own credit limit while enjoying various benefits without worrying about issues like payment penalties and due dates.

Unlike a traditional credit card, the prepaid card is more like a debit card. You are able to upload money to the card each month, or whenever you need to. By using the card in this way, you are able to keep out of debt and stick to your budget. You’ll never face overwithdrawal fees or get penalized for late payments . This transfer of money can be done via direct deposit.   If there is any issue concerning the usage of the product, it can be quickly resolved with 24/7 customer service helpline.

Direct Deposit
If you’d like, you can sign up for the direct deposit option and get your paycheck up to 2 days earlier!

Balance Transfers
If you are a Rush Card member, personal card-to-card transfer is absolutely free. However, transfers from cardholder-to-cardholder may cost you $2.95.

Rates and Fees
The biggest advantage of the Baby Phat prepaid credit card is that it doesn’t carry any application fee, annual fee, or APR. There is just a onetime fee of $14.95 fee applicable for new cardholders. This amount is due once the card is activated. Some cards charge a $1 fee upon online and retail purchases of any kind. You are also able to choose which kind of monthly fee plan you would like. For example, choose a Pay As You Go Plan or a Fixed Monthly Plan. The fees are anywhere from $5.95- $10.00 per month.

Who Should Apply
This card is great for anyone and everyone. If you have bad credit or no credit, then get this card and use it just like you would a regular credit card but with no danger of getting into debt. You can even pay your bills online with the BabyPhat Card. And there is no credit check needed for approval.

Once you have your Baby Phat Prepaid Visa RushCard, then you can freely use it to pay your bills wherever Visa debit cards are accepted. Overspending is a serious problem commonly associated with different credit card holders but in the case of the Baby Phat prepaid card, this is certainly not an issue. This is because you control the amount of money that is loaded and spent.

You also don’t need employment verification as seen in the case of applying for other debit or credit cards.
You also receive excellent customer service, which checks your card’s activity status and balance though a phone call or via the internet.

If you have good credit, this card is also for you. Get this card in order to stick to your monthly budget. If you’re traveling soon, then a prepaid debit card is the right choice as it allows you to control your spending and it is much safer than carrying cash.

Having a Baby Phat prepaid credit card is a good decision if your aim is to stay out of debt and control your spending. Even get one to use for traveling as it is much safer than carrying cash. It also shows that you are careful about your finances and behave responsibly. Carrying cash in your wallet has become outdated now and everyone seems to favor the light weight plastic cards that keep you free from all kinds of debt.

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