Where Are the Cheapest and Nicest Places to Live in the US?

by Alex Garrity on 2013/06/22

Cheapest Nicest Places to Live in the US Cheapest and Nicest Places to Live in the USThe United States is one of the most desirable destinations around the world. The quality of life is extremely high when compared to most other countries, which has also resulted in the cost of living being high as well.

The north-eastern and south-western parts of United States are some of the nicest places to live on the planet, but they are also very expensive. Therefore, they were off the radar when I started looking for a cheap and nice place to live in the United States. If I was looking for such a place, then ideally Midwest and the South are the places that could fit in my bill.

Indianapolis, Indiana is one of the places I would look first when looking for a cheap and nice place to live in the United States. I found this medium-sized city perfect for my requirements. It has all the necessary aspects like entertainment, recreation, health care, and networking facilities. Yet, it does not cost a lot to live in this place, as median house prices are just under $100,000. This figure is well below the national and Midwest median house prices. It’s a big city with a welcoming small city feel.

If Louisville, Kentucky is not on the list of cheap, but nice places to live in the United States then there has to be something wrong with the list. This city has a major international airport along with several other amenities, but still the median house prices range just below $100,000. Any nature lover would find it easy to fall in love with this region and city. Plenty of lakes for boating and several state parks make it a pleasant place to live.

If Indianapolis and Louisville are some of the ideal places in the Midwest, I certainly think that Macon, Georgia has to be on the list for places in the South. This is one of the states that has a low tax rate for those above 65 years of age. Due to its close proximity to Atlanta, Macon Georgia offers an ideal balance between a city and metropolitan life. It is also close to several wildlife preservation areas as well.

The city of Westminster in South Carolina has an average housing price of just $73,000, which is incredible considering the warmth and friendly attitude of the city. It has plenty of entertainment activities and a very active retirement community as well. Moderate climate and the presence of lakes and parks nearby make it a peaceful city. I certainly think of it as one of the many beautiful cities in the United States.

The United States is truly a great place to live. What are some other cities that you would recommend as ranking in one of the top  cheapest and nicest?

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