What Are the Weirdest, Dumbest, Craziest, Funniest Jobs in the US?

by Alex Garrity on 2013/06/08

craziest jobs When you graduate from school or college, you never think of getting the wackiest job that comes along. Instead, if you are anything like me, you will sit and plan out a great career in a mainstream job.

There are those though, for whom life is a never ending picnic. These people are employed in jobs that could best be described as crazy or quirky. Here are some of the weirdest jobs you could find in America:

Ice Cream Taster
Ice cream producers often have someone taste their ice creams and see if they got the flavors just right. Technically, the job is that of quality control, but for this, the employee actually has to sit and taste carton after carton of ice cream to ensure that the product is of high quality and matches the standards of the ice cream company. However, even though this seems a great job, it is not as simple as that. You will have to maintain a strict spice free diet so that you are able to identify the flavors more easily and readily.

Banana Gasser
This job is not at all what it sounds like. A banana gasser typically has the responsibility to move banana shipments into sealed chambers, where they are then gassed with ethylene gas to prevent ripening. Trained gassers are comfortable using computer programs that determine how much gas is required and how long it should be applied to the shipment. Since the bananas are shipped when they are still green, the entire gassing process may take about three to eight days. Eventually, the bananas are ready to be shipped to grocery stores and are a delightful ripe, yellow color.

Fire Scientist
Yes, you heard it right. A fire scientist is someone who works experiments with fire. They experiment with different ways of checking for a gas pipe leak and also learn how things blow up. In addition, they are trained in arson investigation and emergency management. You can undertake a course to learn to be a fire scientist. The University of Maryland has one on offer.

Wrinkle Chaser
This surely is an unusual job. Wrinkle chasers remove wrinkles from shoes and other leather products. They do this using specialty irons that are specifically designed to remove wrinkles from leather and similar products. A wrinkle chaser could work on a specific part of your shoe or the whole shoe itself, depending on your specific needs. Wrinkle chasers are actually in very high demand, especially in European countries.

Snake Milker
Snakes don’t produce milk, but a snake milker milks them anyway. These professionals are skilled at wrangling snakes and removing the venom from their bodies. This venom is then used to produce serums to cure snake bites and other medicines. These professionals are in high demand, especially in areas where you will find a lot of wildlife and where snakes roam freely. Snakes would ideally be milked through their fangs. This is a specialized skill based job which requires extensive training and proper precautions.

What do you think is the craziest job in the USA? What crazy jobs have you held?

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