What Are the Best Cards for Holiday Shopping?

The holidays are usually a cheerful time, filled with sweets, family, and presents. But when it comes to holiday shopping, some people get stressed, maybe even genuinely agitated.

Holiday shopping is tough sometimes, and it can be a big hassle. Credit cards may make holiday shopping more convenient, but THEY can also be a hassle. There are a few cards that seem they are tailored just right for holiday shopping, ones that I would highly recommend.

Not all credit cards are equal when it comes to holiday shopping, and in a lot of cases it boils down to what kind of shopper you are. This forces consumers to ask questions like, “am i in it for the rewards?” or, “am i going to have cash to pay this back later, what kind of benefits will i receive?”

A few economic experts agree there are credit cards ideal for every kind of shopper, you just have to find the right one, and make sure to read fine print and any thing else that might be important. Some of the best cards are Citi Simplicity, and Chase Slate,These cards are tailored to meet the needs of three different kinds of shoppers.

The City Simplicity Card is ideal for the kind of shopper that has a buy now, pay later attitude—Someone who makes quite a bit of purchases, not worrying about money later. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t worry about paying it back, it’s just more geared towards a confident shopper with decent income and credit.

This card is so special because it offers zero percent APR for the first eighteen months, meaning that if you don’t have enough cash for all of your holiday purchases now, you may have an extra six months to pay the expenses off.

The best card for a shopper who is already in debt, but still wants to buy something nice for a few family members or friends, is probably the Chase Slate. The Chase Slate is a well balanced transfer card, designed to give you breathing room. This card has zero percent APR for the first fifteen months, and reduces the fee for balance transfers within the first sixty days. Utilizing this card properly will give you a way to pay off previous debt at your own pace, free of a lot of fees.

Think about what kind of shopper you are. Are you cautious, or more frivolous with your money? Are you a shopper who likes gaining things in return for choosing the right credit card company, or do you need a way to pay off debt at your own pace? Feel free to leave a comment. We’d love to hear from you!

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