Top Free Things To Do In Your Community

by Isabella Craig on 2013/04/02

Top Free Things to Do in Your Community Top Free Things to Do in Your CommunityRegardless of where you live, there will always be something for you to do. Unfortunately, it seems like most activities require money, but that’s not always the case.

There is plenty to do without having to spend a dime. Let’s take a look at some of the top free things to do in your community.

Farmer’s Market
By looking in your local newspaper for things to do, you can definitely find some free activities to fill your time with, maybe even an entire day. For example, in my neighborhood, there’s a farmer’s market with vendors selling everything from foods and clothes to arts and crafts. You could easily spend a couple of hours on a Saturday afternoon wandering there.

Another idea worth trying is going to your local community center or YMCA where you can spend hours interacting with others. Athletics, crafting, and even various fitness training programs may be offered at your local community centers. What’s more, you can volunteer your time in such centers. This actually benefits your community since volunteering your time is a priceless act of selflessness.

Bike Rides or Rollerblading at the Park
Maybe you are the outdoors type that prefers the open sky. If that’s the case, taking a long bike ride through your neighborhood or going rollerblading in the park is what you need. It takes no money, keeps you in good shape, and may help to clear your mind.

Free Movies at the Park
Once a week, my neighborhood park has a “movies at the park” where a giant canvas is stretched between a couple of trees and a movie is projected onto it for all to enjoy. We always bring our own popcorn and other snacks and drinks, and the movie is free. You can’t beat free!

High School Plays
Something else worth looking into is high school and community college events, such as sporting, musicals, and talent contests. These types of functions not only bring the community together but also add yet another thing on the list of things for you to do.

Church Events
Many churches have barbeques and fundraisers with games and free activities for everyone to play. You don’t have to be a member of a church to enjoy what is being offered. Many times these churches welcome all by having huge picnics or other events that are geared toward the community.

Take a Museum Tour
Maybe you are more of an intellectual type that prefers more of a quieter, even relaxed, environment. If so, going to the local museum is a great place to spend time learning and appreciating what is offered. Another great benefit of museums is the free admission!

Go to the Library
Speaking of quiet and relaxed environments, your local public library certainly provides yet another place to visit while on your tour of free things to do in your community. Libraries often have guest speakers and readers that come in to entertain our imagination, which helps to melt the time away while costing you absolutely nothing.

There is so much to do in your community that does not cost one single dime, you just have to look. What free thing is there for you to do in your community?

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