What States Have the Highest and Lowest Taxes?

by Isabella Craig on 2013/05/04

Taxes paid by residents are like the fuel that runs the government. There are many types of taxes, like sales tax, customs, income tax, and others. The tax rates that are levied by government on the residents are directly related to the ability of the government to boost its income while increasing the earning opportunities […]


What Will You Spend Your Tax Refund Money On?

by Alex Garrity on 2013/04/23

What will you spend your tax refund money on- something smart or something fun? I have always felt that a tax return is much like finding money in your old trousers, unless of course you have been expecting it all along. For the first few years that I started earning and paying taxes, I never […]


I wouldn’t say I look forward to tax season. Who really does? It can be a serious hassle any way you look at it. What I do look forward to, however, is taking advantage of the various tax deductions that are available to me. You don’t have to be an expert on tax codes to […]