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Renting a House vs. Owning a House

by Isabella Craig on 2013/04/16

Are you trying to decide between puchasing a home or renting a home? It can be overwhelming if you are in a situation like this because you have to think about a lot of things such as the advantages and disadvantages of both sides. It all depends on your specific situation. Owning a home not […]


Generally speaking, the average age of the first time home buyer is between 30 and 35 years of age.  After graduating from college and after saving up enough money, the priorities shift and the desire to be established financially and economically increases.  But after the 30-somethings have moved into a house, at what age is […]

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Ways to Payoff Your Home Quicker

by Isabella Craig on 2013/02/26

When my husband and I purchased our home, we financed it with a thirty-year mortgage. We assumed that our house would be paid for, free and clear, after thirty years. So, I would make my payments every month, trying my hardest to never be late, and about the time I was ready to retire, my […]

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