Should You Redeem Your Rewards Credit Card Points to Use for Your Holiday Shopping?

redeeming your rewards credit card point for holiday shopping

redeeming your rewards credit card point for holiday shopping

The holiday season will always be a time for you to either go home with a maxxed out credit card or a low balance bank account.

There are many ways for you not to overspend during the holiday season, but you just can’t help it when you see all those items that are good presents for loved ones. If you own a credit card, you would easily go over your budget.

However, there is one way for you to make your loved ones happy without maxing out your card and paying for it for the whole next year, then max it out again on the next holiday season.

You can stop this never ending dilemma every year by using your credit card reward points for holiday shopping. You are still going to need a plan and a set budget. Make sure that you have listed what you want to give to each person in your list.

Here are several tips in using rewards credit cards points in this gift giving season:

Travel to visit your family.
If you are one of those people who live away from their family, then you can use your rewards points to travel to your family or help them pay for their visit to you. Of course, your points may not actually pay all the travel expenses, but it can get a sizeable chunk out of it.

A good move is to buy flight tickets through your credit card issuer. Most of these issuers will give bonus points for doing so. An example is Bank of America’s promo, which can earn a card holder of up to 1,500 rewards points if your travel plans are booked through their website. Try to scout for other issuers promotions on their site as well. Take a look at some of our travel rewards credit cards here.

An Unforgettable Holiday Experience.
You might want to gift yourself and your loved ones with experiences that they can’t forget this holiday season. You can buy your parents a Christmas spectacular show or a VIP pass to some private rehearsal or play.

Amazon and Gift Cards.
Although gift cards are impersonal in nature, do not underestimate the power of giving them as holiday gifts. Most people still appreciate getting gift cards so they can get what they want. In fact, gift cards are still on the first rank for requested presents for the last five years.

If you prefer to just sit in the comfort of your own home while shopping using your credit card reward points, then the perfect site for you to go is Amazon. Many card issuers offer rewards points to use for shopping in Amazon. You will not only get discounted and wise buys for everyone on your list, you will also enjoy perks such as free shipping and bonuses.

Shopping this holiday season should not leave you broke. Make use of rewards credit cards points. Your credit cards are not there for you to splurge, they are there for you to spend wisely and be financially responsible.

After reading the exciting ways that you can use your credit card reward points, should you redeem your rewards credit card points to use for your holiday shopping? Please feel free to speak your mind!

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