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Low Rate Balance Transfer Credit Cards

by Samantha Bennet on 2013/11/14

low rate balance transfer credit cards

How to Lower Debt with Low Rate Balance Transfer Credit Cards

By using low rate balance transfer credit cards, you can essentially lower or even finish off your debt, provided you’ve kept and followed a strict credit card payment schedule.

However, many people who are given this opportunity end up with more debt because they fail to stick to their payment plans and are easily tempted to buy unnecessary things using their credit cards.

Find the Best Low Rate Balance Transfer Credit Cards

Always remember that if you set upon yourself to pay for your existing balance within the low-rate period offered by a balance transfer credit card, you must avoid using your credit card unnecessarily. Also, monthly payments should be regular, complete and on time.

Keeping these simple things in mind will ensure you that you will be able to lower your debt within the given period.

Aside from continuously maintaining a strict plan to pay and budgeting your money carefully every month, you must also keep from using up your entire credit limit once you get your credit back on track again, to further increase your credit score.

Finally, after the allotted period for the zero-to-low interest rates has expired, you can still negotiate for a good rate based on your good payment record.

Low rate balance transfer credit cards need not be retired once you are done paying for your balance transfer. Bargaining is a good way to extend the low-rate period and if you cooperate and always pay responsibly, your card issuer just might deem you to be a good debtor and grant you your request.

It takes great sacrifice to establish and improve your credit. If you come across a good deal for low rate balance transfer credit cards, learn to recognize the opportunity and apply for one.

Balance transfers may not instantly affect your credit positively but with the right plan and attitude, you will eventually fix your financial position and get even better rates and terms than you can imagine with future credit card applications.

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