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Low Balance Transfer Credit Card

by Samantha Bennet on 2014/11/04

How Often Can I Get A Low Balance Transfer Credit Card 

It doesn’t matter if you are a newbie or a professional in credit cards, one question that everyone wants to know the answer to is – how often can I get a low balance transfer credit card?

There is no denying why so many people switch to low balance transfer cards as the ultimate option to control their debt, since the interest free period gives them the leverage of paying off their debt without any interest at all.

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If you are currently paying a high interest rate on your credit card, and are worried that it will affect your credit score, the best thing is to do is to switch to a credit card balance transfer with low interest rate.

Since there are so many credit card companies out there with introductory interest rates for low as 6 months to as high as 24 months, everybody has an option out there waiting for them.

However, when this introductory low interest period on credit card transfer ends, it switches  to having an interest rate which is the ‘catch’ in the entire game.

When you decide on doing a balance transfer, the first thing you need to make sure of is the interest rate that you will receive after the introductory period is over.

If the interest rate is as high as your current rate on your credit card, then the biggest benefit you will gain is taking advantage of the intro period. Be sure to make timely payments to avoid any kind of penalties, and if all possible, then pay off your debt entirely.

On the other hand, people switch from one balance transfer to another balance transfer credit card right when the introductory period on one ends.

Due to the large number of credit card companies offering 0% balance transfer credit cards or  low interest balance transfer credit cards  for different time periods, you could simply switch from one balance transfer to the other and have what is effectively an interest-free loan for a longer period of time.

It is usually not a good idea to do this often as it will affect your credit score, so the best option is to apply for one balance transfer credit card and set a goal to pay off your entire debt during the 0% intro period.

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