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Instant Bad Credit Card

by Alex Garrity on 2014/10/28

Can I Get an Instant Bad Credit Card if I Have a Poor Credit Score? 

An instant bad credit card may sound far-off but many people actually qualify for credit card applications despite having poor credit.

If you are looking to apply for a credit card and you have a mediocre score, look for a financial institution that will be highly likely willing to approve your card application.

Apply for an Instant Bad Credit Card Below:

You will find that there are two types of instant bad credit cards that are applicable for your present financial situation.

If you want something that will let you fix your credit again while you are paying for your existing credit card debts, then a secured credit card is the type that you should consider.

A secured credit card is like a traditional credit card but your credit limit is determined by how much you will deposit as “security”.  In case of non-payment, the bank or credit union can simply forfeit your security deposit.

For this reason, it is easy to apply for a secured credit card, especially if you have communicated your desire to pay off your debt properly.

On the other hand, if fixing your credit score instantly is not your priority and you want to make sure to pay off your debt without incurring more credit, then you should consider a prepaid card.

This card will allow you to use card services without accumulating debt in the process.  You can replenish or reload it via online bank transfer or manual deposit.

An instant bad credit credit card can really make a difference on your finances.  Given the right mindset and attitude, you will surely be able to get out of debt and fix your score in the long run.

So, yes, it is possible for a person with poor credit score to get instantly approved for a credit card.

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