How Much Does the Average Person Spend on Christmas?

by Samantha Bennet on 2012/12/29

Now that Christmas is over, are you wondering if the amount you spent on gifts is normal or more than the average consumer?

Christmas holiday shopping season is logically one of the costliest seasons anywhere in the world. Numerous consumers are feverishly looking for the most meaningful and perfect presents they can give to everyone on their Christmas gift-giving lists.

The challenge in this period of spending is beyond busting budgets; finding appropriate gifts at practical costs can be an ardent but rewarding task.

It is just amazing how spending can become a frenzy this time of the year. Commercialization of Christmas has been playing a huge role on how much a person spends during the season on the average. Organizing holiday parties, putting up Christmas decorations, and buying gifts are getting more expensive and extravagant.

Are you curious about the average expenditure of a person during the holidays?

Bigger spending for gifts in the US
How much an American spends this season logically depends on the overall economic climate in the US. The country has seen a brighter weather in 2012 compared to 2011. According to the American Research Group, Americans are set to spend $854 on the average this year for buying gifts, organizing parties, and putting up home decors. That compares to the actual average spending in the previous year of $646.

It should not surprise that the forecast average spending for the holiday season has climbed. Retailers, which are struggling to perform better, have been launching aggressive advertisements and promotions to entice consumers’ Christmas spending. With lots of sales promos and good deals left and right, impulsive buying and overspending comes naturally.

As the country rises from an economic turmoil, it should not surprise that most Americans are now more willing to spend for Christmas. After all, they have been restrictive on their holiday budgets in the past several years.

Christmas spending in other parts of the world
The Yuletide is celebrated in various countries around the globe. The average spending of each person for the holiday season logically differs because of economic factors.

In Ukraine, where the average gross domestic product (GDP) is around $10,000 per individual, average Christmas spending per person is $250. In Luxembourg where GDP per individual is $85,000, the average Christmas spending is $775 per person. In the Netherlands and in Switzerland, GDP per individual is more than $40,000.

However, average Christmas spending per person differs, a clear proof that the culture (and probably attitude) can also be a factor. Dutch people are more frugal and spend just about $200 per person on the average for buying Christmas items. They seem to pay more significance on value of things. In comparison, the Swiss people are more generous, spending $650 per person.

Christmas can be a really festive season. How much a person spends for buying gifts can vary depending on the economy and culture. People who live in a country where Christmas is celebrated extravagantly may have to set a bigger budget for the holiday shopping season.

How about you? How much are you spending this season? Are you ready to spread good tidings and be generous?

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