How Much and to Whom Should You Tip During the Holidays?

holiday tipping

Who should you tip during the holidays

Christmas is a time for spending and for tipping. A holiday tip is a form of gift; a token of appreciation to people for rendering good and helpful services.

Tipping is not actually required but it is expected in various situations. Rewarding hard-working people for excellent service commands generosity and good deed. It can pave the way for a start of a good professional and civil relationship.

Your tip would be greatly appreciated by the recipient. If you feel hesitant to be generous, remember the spirit of Christmas. Service industry workers usually don’t earn more than they should. Your holiday tip can possibly help them have enough money to buy holiday presents for their kids.

A cash tip is more preferred in general as a gesture of kindness. But if you are suffering a financial crisis, even homemade cookies and other goods will surely earn gratitude.

When giving a monetary tip, you should follow your heart and hear what your pocket dictates. Delivery is equally important. Giving the tip before the exact date of the holiday is standard.

How much should you give as a holiday tip? You should consider different factors like the frequency of the service rendered to you by the individual and your satisfaction level for the service provided.

It is just logical if you dislike the idea of offending recipients by giving too little in a monetary tip. At the same time, you do not need to give too much.

According to a poll about tipping habits published in the Consumer Reports (December 2009 issue), most consumers give tips to housekeepers. About 75% of the survey respondents tip the maintenance and housekeeping personnel. More than 50% of them give tip to their children’s teachers, while only 8% give tip to their trash collectors.

You should observe standards when tipping people from different professions. For sure, you need helpful ideas about how much and to whom you should give a holiday tip. Here is a short guideline:

Workers in and around the house
For your maid, it is ideal to give a week’s worth of salary. The gardener usually expects a holiday tip of about $20 to $50. Trash collectors would appreciate it more if you would give about $15 to $30 each as a tip.

Childcare and education
The baby sitter renders an important service, making a night’s pay plus an additional small token is enough as tip. A full-time nanny should receive a week’s to a month’s worth of salary, depending on his/her tenure.

A day care service provider can expect $25 to $70, while a teacher can look forward to a $25 to $100 cash gift (or equivalent).

Around town
Your country club may have its own tipping policy. If there is none, you may give $50 as a holiday tip for waiters, front-desk employees, golf professionals, and locker-room personnel.

The parking attendant would surely appreciate a cash gift of around $10 to 20. Meanwhile, a public utility driver should receive around $20 to $50, while your regular driver should receive a tip that is around 20% of his monthly salary.

Personal care
Do not forget to tip personnel of your favorite salon. The manicurist/pedicurist would be happy to receive the cost of a session with him/her (or about $15 or more). The same goes for the tip you should give to a hairdresser and a massage therapist. The person who shampoos your hair before and during a haircut will surely smile if you hand him/her a $10 tip this season.

Keep these tips on tipping in mind this holiday season.

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