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Credit Cards with Cash Back

by Samantha Bennet on 2013/12/04

What is the Typical Percentage of Cash Back on Credit Cards with Cash Back?

Credit cards with cash back have been around for a long time to attract new card holders and keep loyal clients and they allow you to typically earn back 1% of your purchases from all or some participating stores and establishments.

It really depends on the card provider’s cash back rate, but it should not be surprising to see higher offers such as 2.5% or over.

Best Credit Cards with Cash Back

When choosing the right credit cards with the cash back feature, always make sure to read and understand the terms.

Learn to recognize misleading terms and words, which could easily lead you to think that you are getting a higher cash back rate than usual.

Some card companies use these words to entice unsuspecting clients, only for cardholders to find out that they have to buy a certain threshold amount before their cards can earn cash back. For example, you may be required to accumulate a minimum of $3000 purchase or payments before you can actually earn cash back.

Cash back credit cards are perfect for those who constantly use their cards to buy and pay for goods and services.

Cash back cards are also a way to accumulate points or cash to pay for your succeeding card fees. Some people even earn much more and use their points/cash backs to buy gadgets and other high-value items.

If you happen to find credit cards that offer higher cash earnings than typical credit cards, do not dive head on and apply. Make sure to review other charges such as transaction fees and even the APR first, especially if you are serious in using a credit card to help you with your finances and your credit score.

There are credit cards with cash back that offer modest percentage of cash earnings, but have excellent APR even for someone who have average credit score. Make sure to consider these things as well before signing a form and confirming your application.

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