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Can a Prepaid Credit Card be Traced?

by Alex Garrity on 2013/12/01

Can a Prepaid Credit Card be Traced?

Various types of credit cards can be used conveniently and can provide anyone with ready funds, but can a prepaid credit card be traced?

For people who want to go incognito for security reasons, it is very important to know this little detail because credit cards can be sources of private information from customers, private individuals, businesses, etc.

When shopping over the internet using an ordinary credit card, one is required to fill in forms that would require you to divulge personal information like addresses, phone numbers, spending pattern—that may be sold to others by website owners for lead generation.

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Prepaid credit cards, on the other hand, allow you to shop while preventing you from leaving financial trail that can be exploited by those who badly want your information.

Have you ever wondered how a number of junk or spam mail end up in your inbox daily and why out of the many random email addresses that they can find, you turn out to be a recipient to an ad selling exactly what you need?

Prepaid credit cards and other stored value cards can prevent others from snooping and taking advantage of this kind of information.

If you are determined on keeping your personal information private, the question, “can a prepaid credit card be traced?” must always come up every time you think it would be safe to use a prepaid credit card to purchase online.

Prepaid credit cards don’t require you to link your bank accounts to an account use them and you won’t be required to give out extensive personal information to be able to get a prepaid credit card. You can reload them anytime without having to part with any personally-identifiable information about you.

So, can a prepaid credit card be traced? No, it cannot, as long as you are also careful not to divulge highly specific personal information when you’re out buying and paying for things. And if you accidentally did give out personally-identifiable info using a prepaid credit card, all you need to do is get a new card and that info will be eventually wiped out.

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