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Barclays MasterCard

by Samantha Bennet on 2014/02/18

Is a Barclays MasterCard different from a Barclays Visa Card?

Barclays Mastercard and Barclays Visa credit cards are both released by one card issuer but are cards that belong to different card networks.  These credit card networks (MasterCard and Visa) are responsible for processing card transactions worldwide but are not the ones that you should notify if you are having problems with your Barclays Mastercard or Visa.  In such cases, you should report card matters to Barclays Bank.

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Barclays credit cards offer excellent signing bonuses, low introductory rates and higher rates of rewards.  You can choose between a Mastercard and a Visa and you can be guaranteed of seamless card transactions each time.

There is very little difference in terms of speed and ease of transaction.  Furthermore, Barclays has been providing unparalleled credit card services and rewards to cardholders for many years and the company is an authority in credit issuance.

Select the variant that you think will give you the most benefits.  These credit cards may be used to earn points and miles that you can exchange for free plane tickets, cash, gifts, seat upgrade and others.

Ideally, you should have both Barclays Mastercard and Visa credit cards to ensure that you will not miss out on good deals on card purchases and you can go anywhere without worrying about money.

You can easily have your purchases charged on one credit card if one of the card networks is not accepted in the store or establishment.

Owning credit cards from these two card networks will also certainly help you take advantage of promotional 0% deferred payments and purchases wherever you go.

Barclays credit card generally have similar features and may vary slightly on the rewards and the interest rates as these will be based your credit score.

So, if you are looking for a trustworthy credit card, consider getting the Barclays Mastercard and the Barclays Visa to build your credit.

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