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Barclay US Airways Credit Card

by Samantha Bennet on 2014/02/04

barclay us airways credit card

Why Get a Barclay US Airways Credit Card?

A Barclay US Airways credit card is perfect for those who frequently fly and would love to get the best deals from US Airways. 

You will be treated to exclusive perks and services from the US Airlines.  Always inquire about their Barclay deals and promos.

Another reason for getting a Barclay credit card is priority boarding on all US airways flights.  If you are a card holder, you are guaranteed priority Zone boarding at all times.  This credit card will really make your travel comfortable and stress-free.

Using this card will also earn you more miles on all US Airways payments and purchases. Accumulated miles can be used to get a free flight or a seat upgrade on your next travel.

Typically, Barclay US Airways credit cards will let you earn twice the miles for each dollar spent.  Other purchases will also surely earn you points and this will help you accumulate miles faster.

Furthermore, you can already book bonus flights even if you have only saved up a minimum number of miles.  Always check with your card issuer for present promos, just to be safe.

The Barclay US Airways credit card also comes with 0-low introductory rate for a year, which you can take advantage of if you want to consolidate all your card debts and pay them off at 0% interest.

Plus, transferring credit card balances will earn you another set of bonus miles that you can redeem in future airline ticket purchases—another way to speed up realizing your US Airways rewards.

So if you are looking to get a Barclays US Airways credit card, familiarize yourself with the offer first and make that step just in time before you book your next US Airways flight.

Get those free bonuses and miles credited and enjoy your rewards from your reliable Barclay credit card.

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