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Why Get a Baby Phat Prepaid Credit Card?

The striking feature of the new Baby Phat Prepaid Credit Card is that it allows its cardholders to choose their own credit limit while enjoying various benefits without worrying about issues like payment penalties and due dates. Benefits Unlike a traditional credit card, the prepaid card is more like a debit card. You are able to [...]

Are Gas Credit Cards the Best Option for Buying Gas?

Gas credit cards are a form of credit cards whereby using the credit card in gas stations allows the user to avail certain discounts. However, changes in polices by credit card organizations mean that charges for usage have been raised and now the cards fail to serve the purpose that they were initially designed for. [...]

Amazing Vacations For The Amazingly Rich

Want to go to the moon sometime? I know I’d love the opportunity. It remains one of the great dreams of my life. Unfortunately, if I were to try and make that dream a reality at this point in my life, I’d have to spend a few bucks to make it happen. Somewhere along the [...]

Getting All Your Tax Deductions- Every Little Bit Counts

I wouldn’t say I look forward to tax season. Who really does? It can be a serious hassle any way you look at it. What I do look forward to, however, is taking advantage of the various tax deductions that are available to me. You don’t have to be an expert on tax codes to [...]

What is the Rule of 72 and How to Get It to Work for YOU

Many people don’t understand what the Rule of 72 is or how it can be used to benefit them. This blog is all about the Rule of 72 and hopefully, it will clear things up for many of our wonderful readers out there. What is the Rule of 72? The Rule of 72 can be [...]

The National Debt and How It Has Affected Individual Finances

National debt in the USA has been increasing significantly in the past few years and has now reached a massive $16 trillion. I was just thinking how this national debt has a direct impact on personal finances and many citizens of the country have faced severe consequences as a result of rising national debt. I figured [...]

Getting a Prepaid Card After Bankruptcy

When I graduated high school, I received several unsolicited credit cards in the mail. I was so excited. I had a job as a secretary but proceeded to live the same comfortable life I had while growing up. The problem was my parents brought home six times what I made. But, I bought and bought, [...]

Creative Ways to Saving Money When Traveling Abroad

One of my most favorite past times is traveling abroad with my husband. We love getting immersed in other cultures and seeing things we have never seen before. After a few years of traveling abroad, we finally found some solid tips and tricks that we always follow in order to save money. Here is what [...]

Paying Your Medical Bills with a 0% Credit Card

These days, it has become more common for patients to pay high medical bills with credit cards. However, those who are good in managing such debts can be considered a part of a minority. To most people, this practice can be done only out of desperation. Fortunately, there are 0% interest credit cards that can [...]

The Dangers of Paying Only the Minimum Payment on Your Credit Cards

Are you thankful because each month, your credit card statement indicates a minimum payment amount that is so light, it may not even affect your budget? You might be among the thousands of consumers who can’t resist the temptation to pay only the minimum amount required every month. You may be spared from default for [...]