Amazing Vacations For The Amazingly Rich

by Samantha Bennet on 2013/03/16

dream vacations dream vacationsWant to go to the moon sometime? I know I’d love the opportunity. It remains one of the great dreams of my life.

Unfortunately, if I were to try and make that dream a reality at this point in my life, I’d have to spend a few bucks to make it happen.

Somewhere along the lines of 1.5 billion dollars, to give you an idea of just how many bucks I would need. Dream vacations to the moon and back are rapidly getting closer and closer to the point of becoming reality, but it doesn’t look like any of us are going to be going along for the ride anytime soon.

But if you do have that kind of money to burn, it might prove to the ultimate vacation. Or maybe the moon isn’t really your thing.

Big Spender Dream Vacations

Let’s pretend you can indeed afford the current price tag for a quick trip to the moon and back. Going may not really be something you’re actually interested in.

If that’s the case, don’t worry. There are plenty of amazing vacation spots and opportunities for people with more disposable income than they know what to do with. You won’t have to worry about getting your money’s worth with some of the vacation ideas that are available to the fantastically wealthy.

You can expect nothing short of your wildest dreams coming true.

Where Do You Want To Go Today?

If money is no object, and the moon doesn’t sound like your idea of a good time, then consider some of these possibilities:

-Silversea Cruise:

Want to sail around the world on the ultra-luxurious Silversea? It’s the most fantastic way imaginable to travel on a cruise liner. It’s also going to set you back about 1.5. million dollars.

-Musha Cay:

Want to enjoy the kind of paradise that only the Bahamas can offer? Musha Cay gives you the opportunity to do so with style to spare, but it’s going to run you about 37, 000 dollars a day for up to 12 guests. You also get the whole island, the guesthouses that go with it, and all your food and beverage needs taken care of it.

-St. Moritz:

For a little less than 5,500 dollars a night, you can enjoy the breathtaking beauty of the site of the 1928 Winter Olympics. This is a dream vacation for anyone serious about enjoying their winter sports.

-Royal Villa at Grand Resort Lagonissi:

For a mere 50, 000 dollars a night, you can take in Athens, Greece at its very finest. A private beach, a free limo, and butler service are only the beginning.

-Necker Island:

For a little over 1.4 million a month, you can have your very own island in the British Virgin Islands, complete with a staff of over 60.

Those are just a few ideas. When the money is no object, all you have to do is ask yourself this: “Where do I want to go today?”

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