6 Things You Should Always Keep in Your Wallet

by Samantha Bennet on January 19, 2013

In today’s busy world, it is important to keep a few things in your wallet at all times. These few items will serve you well through most situations and emergencies. While it is nice to walk around unencumbered, the truth is that money, identification and other essentials are necessary to get or do anything these days.

By having just six items in your wallet, you are ready for any situation.

1. Identification

For most people, the photo ID they have is their driver’s license. This license allows you to legally operate your vehicle and also provides proof of who you are, where you live and what you look like.

For those who don’t drive, a state issued identification card from the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) also serves as a valid form of ID.

2. Business Cards

It is often a good idea to carry around several of your business cards to hand out to people you meet. You never know when you might meet someone who wants to do business with you because they need your products or services.

A business card can also be used socially. It’s a quick and easy way to give someone your phone number and email address as a way to contact you.

3. Rewards Credit Cards

Today many credit card companies offer rewards programs. Each time you use your card you get bonus points or you get a percentage back of your purchases at the end of the month.

Rewards cards are important to have on hand because you never know when you may need them. There are many reasons to keep your rewards credit cards in your wallet especially if you intend to go shopping.

4. Debit Cards

Many people also have debit cards. These cards are associated with a checking account in most cases. When you make a purchase the money is immediately deducted from you bank account. Debit cards are great for people who don’t want t to use credit when making a certain purchases or who prefer not to buy things on credit.

Debit cards are also useful as ATM cards so you can use them at any bank or store ATM machine to get out cash when you need it. Debit cards are also cheaper for getting cash than the cash advances from credit cards.

5. Cash

Having cash in your wallet is always a good idea to pay for incidentals. Cash is accepted everywhere and is easy to use. Although you can get cash from an ATM, unless you use your own bank, there are often fees for each withdrawal. While you may not always have access to your credit cards, cash is king.

6. Health Insurance Card

Although you hope to never need it, a health insurance card is important to have on hand when you are out and about. If you get into an accident, having health insurance will give you more options. Health insurance will greatly lower any out-of-pocket expenses you have at the emergency room.

Credit cards aren’t the only thing to keep in your wallet. As the world becomes more complicated, these are the six must have items we recommend that you have with you at all times.

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